Hello Business Owner,

Before I begin to tell you about Expresslist I will tell you about how I first began to see the importance of the business sector and the goods and services that it provides. Through personal experience I have had the opportunity to see the importance that the ability to participate in a local economy has on a person.

In the Winter of 2011 I had fallen on some hard times and was sleeping in a Salvation Army gym in Royal Oak, Michigan. By day I would research a variety of topics at the local public library that would help me with the development of the Social Network that I had been working on for the previous two years. During the remaining hours before the Salvation Army opened its doors, I would walk around the small down town area of Royal Oak and simply observe my surroundings. The inviting aromas from the pizzerias along S. Main St., the couples and young people seated near the large store front windows of the Barnes and Nobles book store and the music and conversations from peoples cars as they pulled up at a local tapas bar for happy hour. I remember feeling like I was on the outside of a world that had once made me feel welcomed. But now I was an unemployed, disabled, broke, homeless veteran. I was in unfamiliar territory and was looking for a way to return a sense of normalcy. I remember seeing these ppeople with bags from from restaurants and retail stores, cups of coffee, and going into stores to shop or into a bar to watch sports and I thought about how much I took for granted before I had fallen on these hard times. I know that this might sound sort of corny, but I had a Eureka! moment. The original idea that I had for Expresslist was to build a social network for people to express their creativity and basic random thoughts with a focus on personal growth. But now the business end of Expresslist was starting to take shape. If I could get my site users to see the importance of the local businesses and the sometimes forgotten roles that they play in our everyday lives then I could drive more business into these establishments. By offering a directory listing to business owners and corporations in our location and industry based business listing, along with the option to purchase advertisment space, I could generate revenue for the site and I could also offer incentives to my site users on behalf of their local business owners and corporations.

I would later package these client generated incentives into Social Responsible Investment (SRI) funds that would be contributed on behalf of Expresslist site members. This way I could also invest in Expresslist clients and site members simultaneously.

 I know that you, as a business owner, may be saying "we offer coupons and discounts" or "we sponsor local little league teams." And I agree, all of these are excellent ways to build a relationship with your patrons, but I can tell you that as a patron, sometimes these efforts didn't reach me. What if I am flat broke and don't have the money to take advantage of the deal on your coupon? What if I don't have a child playing a sport and I never see your business name on the front of a jersey? Don't get me wrong, we definitely need the support of business owners in these areas. But sometimes, as pillars, we just need a simpler, broader way to reach out to people in our communities.

What We Are..Exactly

Expresslist is a new form of social network, referred to as a Social Growth Network, which combines direct investment and distribution of sponsorship revenues and the utilization of powerful platform to directly encourage positive personal growth and establish businesses as pillars of their communities. We provide a positive platform that focuses on location based advertising, public relations and product and service marketing. Our unique approach to serving the public and addressing an overlooked need allows our sponsors to become visible and raises awarness of your presence amongst your current and future generation of patrons. 

How It's Done

By advertising on Expresslist, you will be able to effectively maximize your public relations and marketing and advertising dollars. We moderate our site with an eye out for violence, pornographic images and cyber bullying, giving you piece of mind knowing that your company's image is being seen in an environment that is safe for site members of all ages.

Through monthly subscriptions to be listed in our location and industry based directory, sponsors (business owners) are able to list the location and contact information for their business. Sponsors are also able to purchase display banner ad space in addition to their listing. Our pricing strategy places the power back into the hands of the business owner as we ask that you to pay no more than .5% of your previous month's revenues to be listed in our directory. When you advertise with Expresslist you are able to directly sponsor our site members that reside in your local area of operations. 

In addition to our mission to positively impact the lives of our site members we also invest in local governments and school districts for any month that they have 85% of their local businesses participating on Expresslist. So not only do we provide a platform for you to directly impact the lives of your patrons in addition to the goods and services that you provide, we also provide additional support to the men and women that keep our communities thriving.

Thank you for believing in us and our mission. We can't do it without you! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about how your advertising dollars are spent.