Expresslist was established in Rock Hill, South Carolina in December of 2016 as a Benefit Corporation, a relatively new form of business structure which emphasizes positive social and environmental impact combined with high levels of financial transparency and accountability to stakeholders.
We are a company conceived under the pressures of real life trials and tribulations and birthed over the course of 8 years. Expresslist is a true labor of love.By now you are probably asking yourself "What really makes Expresslist different from all of the other social networks that I am a member of?" Well, the truth is that Expresslist shares a lot of similarities with the more popular and well known social networks. We all allow site members to build their own profiles,"like" other site members original content, and communicate with other site members and give feedback on their post. What makes Expresslist different is our recognition of the importance of supporting our site members in their everyday lives. We encourage our site members to be introspective, creative, original and expressive. Site members may choose to make their post private or to make them visible to other site members. Through personal experience, we have come to know the benefits of having a platform to be yourself. And the best part of Expresslist is that we pay you for it!

Expresslist identifies itself as a Social Growth Network because we want people to focus on their own growth and development so that they can become the most productive and best versions of themselves and have a platform to interact with like minded individuals.

Expresslist combines social marketing, public relations, exposure to investments, and an advertising platform in the form of a location and industry based business directory. With a simplified algorithmic points awarding system, Expreslist allows site members to monetize their own user generated content.

Simply put:

If you are a business owner, sign up and advertise with us. You only pay for ads shown to the people in the locations that you choose.

If you are a site member, sign up and post your own user generated content. You dont have to worry about optimizing your meta data. (meta what?) We award you points based on the advertising revenue generated by the business owners in your area. The more you patronize the businesses listed in our directory and the more you post and interact with other site members, the more points you earn. Supporting businesses is the key!